Luis Salas

“”We need vision. In addition to an international development community with commitment and courage, we need to map not only existing realities, but also possible and desirable ones.”

Christian Ferreyra

“The development community needs to review the way in which it relates to the so-called “recipient” countries, the development model it promotes, but mainly the consequences”.

Gonzalo Fanjul

“I think the key lies in a change of attitude towards aid and the role it plays in the 21st century”

Pepa Martinez-Borso

“The classic aid-based, projectist model of international development, the one in which many of us started out, is no longer valid”.

Eugenio Hernández Villasante

“Organizations working to promote international solidarity can benefit from the experiences of the most dynamic trade unionism, the most effective feminism or the success of different versions of the civil rights movement”

Lunise Jules

“We who are involved in these humanitarian and development institutions are new soldiers going to war against social injustice, poverty and disease in the world”

Jerome Faure

“I think that one of the greatest internal challenges facing the development community in general is its ability to question itself”