Cecilia Millán

«The strategies of this sector are not the same as those of the feminist movement and/or social movements»

Simon Ticehurst

«Some challenges lie in how to influence a post-colonial narrative and practices in the North, based on the knowledge, experiences and alliances with organizations in the global South and so break with the «aid» myth»

Raquel Yrigoyen

Raquel Yrigoyen IIDS

«We must uphold strategic litigation for the enforcement of the collective rights of indigenous peoples and the development community often seeks only immediate results. «

Alfonso Rosales

«Many NGOs have lost their way, influenced by political movements and the new economic order. Their capacity to respond to the needs felt by marginalized communities is reduced as they try to respond to international aid money.»

Nathalie Beghin

«The hypocrisy of the sustainability discourse. More and more donors, both public and private, demand that the organizations they support “provide evidence» that the initiatives they undertake are sustainable, so that they can have more resources to continue the project»

Jaime Atienza

«Without a critical and transformative vision, it will be difficult to sustain the concept and policies of the development community»

Sergio Calundungo

«The international development community must adopt a development logic that goes beyond the paternalistic and imperialistic logic with which the West has always treated the peoples of the South»

Ben Phillips

«The model of international NGOs that thrived for half a century after World War II is now long since over, finished, done with and gone»

Amitabh Behar

«INGOs face multiple challenges in current times. However, the deepest challenges are around fundamental questions of relevance, credibility and impact of INGOs.»

Francisca Rodriguez

sometimes the NGOs restrict you and lead you to their own interests that serve only to justify resources and in the end we are the ones who are damaged.