Pepa Martinez-Borso

«The classic aid-based, projectist model of international development, the one in which many of us started out, is no longer valid”.

Eugenio Hernández Villasante

«Organizations working to promote international solidarity can benefit from the experiences of the most dynamic trade unionism, the most effective feminism or the success of different versions of the civil rights movement»

Lunise Jules

«We who are involved in these humanitarian and development institutions are new soldiers going to war against social injustice, poverty and disease in the world»

Jerome Faure

«I think that one of the greatest internal challenges facing the development community in general is its ability to question itself»

Humberto Meza

«I believe it will be necessary to adopt new strategies linked to already established actions of the international development community, such as support to social movements and specific and unplanned strategic actions that demand the recovery of the democratic system»

Daniel Pascual

«Rather it is the development community that determines agendas, using forms prepared by technicians who are not in the field, who do not know the economic, social and political conditions, tax regimes, real conditions on the ground»

Inma de Miguel

«At present, it seems to me that the sector has become anachronistic, unable to adapt to a world that is much more homogeneous in its diversity, where poverty and inequalities are present everywhere»

Julie Byres

International aid can be a driver of important synergies for addressing urgent global challenges, with coordinated responses. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges is the power dynamics at the core of the international development communities, which replicate colonial patterns.